Solar Panel Price in Pakistan [March 2023]


Installing a home solar system may seem like an expensive choice, but it is an investment that will offer you a long-term respite from load-shedding while also preventing you from paying hefty electricity bills. The solar panel price in Pakistan has increased in the past years as more households are making a shift to renewable energy by generating electricity through sunlight.

There are quite a few benefits of installing home solar system kits. For starters, utilising solar energy to power your home is more environmentally friendly compared to traditional sources of energy. It is also more cost-effective in the long run and has low maintenance costs. In addition, installing solar panels can increase the value of your property and may even further reduce your utility charges through net metering.

To help you out, we have also compiled the latest solar panel price in Pakistan so you know how much it would cost upfront to install the system.


Let’s look at the latest price of solar panels in Pakistan.

Model Watts Price
City Solar 150 PKR 12750
AE Power Ray-36P 160 PKR 13600
Sanco Mono 170 PKR 14450
SunMax Poly 250 PKR 21250
Seraphim Poly 330 PKR 28050
Trina Poly 330 PKR 28050
JA Poly 330 PKR 28050
ZnShine Poly 335 PKR 28480
JA Poly 335 PKR 28480
Astronergy Poly Solar Panel Project Grade 340 PKR 28900
MaxPower Half Cut Mono PERC 400 PKR 34000
JA Mono Per 445 PKR 37830
Canadian Mono PERC 445 PKR 37830
Jinko Mono 445 PKR 36000
Canadian Mono PERC Half Cut Trina 450 PKR 38250
Canadian Mono Perc Bifacial 530 PKR 45050
Canadian Mono PERC 530 PKR 45050
Jinko Mono 535 PKR 45480
Canadian Mono PERC 535 PKR 45480
JA Mono PERC 535 PKR 45480
Astronergy Half Cut Mono PERC 540 PKR 45900
Mono Half Celled 540 PKR 45900
JA Mono PERC 540 PKR 45900
Astronergy Mono PERC Half Cut 540 PKR 45900
Canadian Mono Half Celled 545 PKR 46330
Jinko Mono Crystalline 545 PKR 46330
Half Celled Canadian Panel 550 PKR 46750
Canadian Mono Half Celled 550 PKR 46750
Trina Half Cut Mono 550 PKR 46750
Canadian Mono 590 PKR 50150
Canadian Mono PERC 590 PKR 50150
Mono PERC Canadian 650 PKR 55250
Canadian Mono PER 655 PKR 55680
Bifacial Mono PERC Canadian 660 PKR 56100
Canadian Mono PER Hiku7 660 PKR 56100

Disclaimer: These are the latest solar panel prices in Pakistan as of March 2023. Please note the above-mentioned rates may differ slightly based on your location.

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Here are some of the most notable solar panel brands available in Pakistan that you should know about:

  • SunPower Solar Panels
  • REC Solar
  • LG
  • Panasonic
  • Astronergy Solar
  • Canadian Solar
  • SolarWorld
  • Jinko Solar
  • Q-Cells
  • Trina Solar