Real Estate Investment for Millennials: A generation that finds it hard to own anything of its own

Millennials are people born in the 1980s and 1990s. The age range might vary a little as the hardcore age brackets are not defined. The current economic landscape has not allowed this young generation to be able to thrive. Gen X, the one before the millennials (Gen Y) was fortunate to own their first real estate in their 30s or 40s however the millennials cannot imagine owning anything substantial, let alone high-value real estate. You may say that this is a mass generalization but the millennials reading will relate to this hypothesis.



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Real estate investment opportunities for millennials

Millennials are currently in their 20s & 30s, either studying or in their early to mid-career positions. Some are trying to start or run their businesses and some have become part of the corporate workforce. A lot of them are still looking for the right opportunities to either kick-start their careers or excel in respectable career positions.


In this day and age, earning from the Internet is a viable option. People are doing social media influencing, online selling, freelancing, and non-conventional business models to earn their livelihood. IT startups, BPO ventures, and online arbitration are some trending businesses that end up churning dollars rather than Rupees. Traditional businesses like trading and brick-mortar outlet management are still strong but dwindling fast. The world has changed rapidly in their lifetime.


The economy has been tested several times with the 2002 dot com crash, the 2007-08 global recession, the 2020 COVID economic reset, and the current looming economic meltdown. In the current situation, Millennials are finding it hard to save enough money and hedge their future against the current economic crisis.


Following are some investment opportunities for Millennials in the Real Estate Sector of Pakistan.




Metropolitans of Pakistan are going vertical at a rapid rate. The breadth of cities has become so big that living on the outskirts and conducting business downtown is no more viable. The best bet is to invest in apartments that are up for grabs in the strategic locations of the city. With installment plans as low as PKR 20K a month, it’s a bargain price for millennials. The value of apartments gets appreciated regularly.

102 Icon in Lahore is a great property investment
102 Icon in Lahore is a great property investment

The rental value of the city is also going up at a rapid rate giving good returns to the owners of our economic fabric. State-of-the-art amenities offered by the developers have made apartment living fun. Since millennials want to live a compact, independent, and happening life, apartment living is tailor-made for them.


Here are some amazing low to medium-size projects you can invest in:




Townhouses are compact spaces built for community living. Usually, these buildings have 3 stories of independent units stacked in a way that multiple households can occupy smaller spaces. Townhouses offer low-cost housing and a minimalistic living style. These houses will give small families with lower income brackets a chance to live in a harmonious environment promising safety and security.


Since millennials are in the early stage of their careers, they can easily afford these townhouses and the living style also supports their smaller families. Also, it is notable that the availability of such units is low thus the rental value is pretty high.


For example Central Park Townhouses Lahore is one project up for grabs.




Buying small-size commercial units is a great proposition for Millennials. Kiosks and mall shops, promise high rental returns or a great opportunity to start a new business. These smaller commercial units are less expensive to acquire and through smart installment plans, can be owned by giving small chunks of cash per month.