Rapid Construction at Zameen Quadrangle Paves Way for New Homeowners

Zameen Quadrangle is no longer a new name among Lahore’s premium vertical developments. Promising to deliver an unparalleled quality of life that blends favorable elements of community living with the desired level of privacy, this high-end residential complex offers vertical living at its best. The project inventory is selling already at a pace that indicates that apartments here will be sold out soon. In other words, it is the hottest project among the elites of Lahore.


The grey structure of the project is almost complete and other installations are underway to ensure that buyers can move into their new homes with all possible haste.


The ultramodern vertical complex is styled with muted colours, decluttered space, and vibrant greens accents that allow plentiful natural light. The exterior of the project is minimalistic yet it exudes a sense of subtle grace while the interior of Zameen Quadrangle’s sweeping 11-storey structure embodies Scandinavian design characteristics.



Quadrangle by Zameen.com
Ultra modern lifestyle at Zameen Quadrangle

Zameen Quadrangle is one of the best additions to the luxurious residential projects being brought to reality by Zameen Developments. The project aims to redefine contemporary architecture and provide a new living experience to its residents. Zameen Quadrangle offers abundant luxury and effortless grace to its residents. Located on the Zafar Ali Road-Gulberg, the apartment complex offers stunning panoramic views of Lahore Gymkhana and promotes a community-centric lifestyle that’s both efficient and indulgent.


The project features ground-plus 11-storeys with two basements and offers a comprehensive inventory that includes 1-bed, 2-bed, and 3-bed apartments, along with exclusive penthouses. Each apartment here offers scenic surrounding views, regardless of its orientation.




Zameen Quadrangle’s design is focused on minimalism, with geometrical lines and modular floor plans. The building features a gradually terraced structure highlighted as it goes higher, which helps implement simple strategies to offer a comfortable, efficient, and ecologically-aware lifestyle experience to the residents.


In another innovative move, the building’s blocks are designed around a central courtyard called ‘The Quad’, which is aimed at modernizing our traditional concept of courtyards where people can socialize. The layout of the project is themed to promote a sustainable and healthy lifestyle among its residents. Moreover, the entirety of the project boasts exceptional finishings and fixtures, with enough room for customization to make your space a perfect home for you.




As we mentioned, the interiors of the project are modelled after the Scandinavian design principles, keeping in mind the minimalist and tranquil concept. Zameen Quadrangle offers several world-class facilities which make it an ideal place to live, including a central courtyard, community terraces, double-height lobby, swimming pool, gymnasium, spa & sauna, mini-cinema, residents’ lounge, residents’ café, 24/7 security & surveillance, outdoor seating area, and designated parking. The roof-tops of the project’s terraced structures are linked via dedicated corridors and are reserved for unique activities such as BBQ, open-air theatre, and yoga club.


Time Your Investment Right! Given its location and unmatched facilities, Zameen Quadrangle has become a real estate goldmine. The project is approved by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and registered with FBR, which means that it’s a secure investment where income source declaration is not required.


Furthermore, Zameen Quadrangle is offering buyers to pay in 30 months and get possession in just 15 months, which is quite appealing. The project is in a prime location on Zafar Ali Road with proximity to major roads of the city. Its premium facilities, unique design, and unparalleled views, coupled with the highest standards of construction, make it the most desirable investment in Lahore right now.


Aside from being a truly great place to live, it is also an excellent investment opportunity for those looking to invest in trending real estate projects in Lahore. The project is expected to set a new benchmark for luxury living by redefining the contemporary architecture of the city. You can express your interest in the project via the inquiry form or the through WhatsApp icon below.